Digital Marketing In the digital age it is crucial for businesses to have an online presence because customers are more prone to visit your store or establishment after checking out your web presence. Therefore, not creating different social media accounts where your targeted audience is, or a website can actually backfire for the good of your business.

Whether you’re in e-commerce, art, restaurant business or provide services going digital is vital. And to help you market yourself both online and offline, Freehand Design Print Signs provides digital marketing services that include the following:

digital marketing

Premium WordPress Websites

Want to create a site but aren’t technically savvy? No worries!

Freehand Design Print Signs creates stunning, premium looking, modern websites using WordPress that allows owners to update their site without having to learn CSS or HTML. However, the initial setup and theme development does require web development expertise which our team has.

We’ll have your site up and running in no time without any issues.

High Quality E-Commerce Websites

In order to run an online store there are many tools you can use that will help you setup your E-commerce store in no time. However, for most of them you need to have some technical knowledge even if you’re not proficient with web development.

Whether or not you have the technical capabilities to setup an E-commerce website, Freehand Design Print Signs’ team can get it done for you with ease and without major issues.

From Shopify, WooCommerce to other platforms that provide Ecommerce websites, our team is expert in setting up online stores and yours can be next.

digital marketing
digital marketing

Social Content as a Service

Did you know social media can actually serve rather the other way around?

Using social media as a service to gain customers, traffic, sales is not only smart but mandatory with the high competition business in all areas of life face. Want to know how to create content that will work for you?

You need social media gurus like my team that know the ins and outs of the social media world and can help you up your social media strategy for all platforms including Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

SEO as a Service

If the goal is getting customers to your online store, then SEO is the proverbial breadcrumbs that will get you the right user and potentially sales.

SEO optimisation for websites is helpful to get on Google’s search engine radar and appear on the first search result page because we all know no one goes for businesses on the second page.

Now from SEO keyword research, to optimisation Freehand Design Print Signs provides it all. All you have to do is trust the process and have faith in our SEO strategy that’ll we will create specifically for your business.

digital marketing

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Need help setting up Facebook and Instagram Ads? Freehand Design Print Signs will make sure that your investment gives you positive return on investment by choosing the right demographics and setting up ads that will give you optimal results.

Simply get in touch with us so Freehand Design Print Signs can get started on your Ad work.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords can seem like a Pandora box for those not accustomed with the way the pay per click online advertising platform works, however, Freehand Design Print Signs has been setting up Google Adwords for businesses in Australia for many years now.

We ensure that our clients get the best return on their investment with Google Adwords by making sure we full optimize the ads for their specific niche and business.

Know more by sending us an email and set up a meeting with our team today.

digital marketing
digital marketing

LinkedIn Outreach Services

Freehand Design Print Signs provides a bunch of LinkedIn outreach services for our clients that need the extra support and can’t be available on LinkedIn 24/7.

Here are all the ways we support your business:

  • 100-200 connections per week: making sure to expand your network and connect your profile to meaningful individuals on LinkedIn.
  • Managed connection and response messages: similarly, we also manage connections made and reply to messages according to the appropriate responses as provided by our clients.
  • Weekly Reporting: lastly, Freehand Design Print Signs provides weekly reports so that our clients can see the progress that has been made.

To know more about our LinkedIn Outreach Services, simply drop us an email and we will get back to you immediately.

Instagram Outreach Services

Making sure your Instagram profile is active and responds to important DMs sent by customers is important to maintain an active and responsible Instagram profile.

Freehand Design Print Signs provides many outreach services for Instagram such as:

  • Following and/or sending follow request to prospect: we follow and send requests to popular and relevant influencers and accounts on Instagram that number 1000 per month. This way new customers find about your account.
  • Liking Instagram posts relevant to the business: our team also makes sure to keep up to date with your Instagram community by liking their posts that are relevant to your business.
  • Commenting/engaging with Instagram posts: engagement is crucial for any business on Instagram otherwise followers might unfollow and forget about your brand. Freehand Design Print Signs makes sure to comment and engage with your followers on relevant posts.
  • Changing about/bio page: updating your account profile whenever relevant and required.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at Freehand Design Print Signs.

digital marketing