Artwork Help & Templates

Artwork can make or break an advertising campaign and assist or hinder in the delivery of a message.

Our experienced team understands that a marketing campaign must be designed well. That means it must meet your brand image and the objective. It's essential that your campaign has the right visuals to support your product and/or service.

It is important that you design your artwork using the right programs. We have information surrounding this very area below and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

As professional printers we know that sometimes you are on an extremely tight deadline, which means you needed the design yesterday, so if you are short on time please read the information below.

Before supplying artwork please read the ‘Artwork Specs’ guide below to avoid disappointment or delays with production.

Artwork Specs Guide

Help & Templates

The following fact sheets are available for you to download.

Onsite Graphic Designer

We have experience and knowledge in the best design techniques and can help you with your requirements.

With an onsite graphic designer we are equipped to supply you with quality designs that will help your campaign to have more impact. We use a variety of design techniques to ensure that it appeals to your target audience.

If you would prefer, then you can design your campaign yourself. All you'll need to do if you're unsure on what to do is follow the templates and they'll give you an idea on how a good campaign looks. Often the medium is just as important as the message.


If you aren't sure of anything or would like help with your artwork, please feel free to contact us.