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We make you look good online! The world of the internet and mobile devices is an ever growing and complex labyrinth. That’s why our free consultations are here to understand your business and help you navigate through the IT web to put lead your online presence on a successful path.

The majority of consumers already use the internet to research products or services in their local area, making your website and its development one of your most valuable assets when it comes to getting new clients!

Located in Sydney

Our website development studio in Sydney specialises in creating clean and elegant websites that focus on user experience. Our designs and functionality have a user experience focus that generate traffic and come SEO optimized from a programming perspective.

How we work

We begin our website development and design process with a one-to-one consultation regarding your business needs and requirements. The next step is the development of your future website mockup. We will send you a mockup image from our designer team, of how your future website may look. You can change it 1 more time for free. Once the specifications are agreed on and the site content is provided, the website development process begins.

We don’t shy about it - our favourite CMS is WordPress which is ideal for displaying business content, newsletters, menus, prices, offer subscription memberships, industry specific functionality and more. WordPress is an amazing, multi-faceted and scalable platform that allows expansion and development of extra features without greater costs. This allows us to lower the costs and pass the savings onto you.

If you’re looking to create an amazing looking website that provides an outstanding user experience with perhaps a few outside of the box ideas then Freehand Design is a right place for you.

Our websites will make a browser, your future customer!

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