SEO Services

SEO services sydneySEO service is the next step to improve your online presence. At Freehand we apply methods that promote genuine relevance, provide factual coding improvements, and are of the highest quality in the eyes of search engines.

Basic SEO optimisation

For customers that are on a budget and/or have a old website or a fresh new business. We will ensure that your site is optimized from a programming and technical side. If needed, we will add your site to various search engine indexes like Yahoo, Google, or Google Maps.

Business SEO optimisation

A thorough review of your websites content, code along with focus keyword investigation and market research. We will comb your website for any SEO improvements possible, provide you with a referral document and make changes to your content for key search engine improvements. This service involves reviewing your site and applying SEO standards towards your sites content and code. We will add your website to various search engine indexes like Google Search, Yahoo, or Google Maps, repair or improve any technical SEO issues from a programming side, as well as make changes to your sites content that should improve your page ranking.

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