sandwich board signs for sale

Sandwich Board Signs for Sale

Freehand Design print specialises in providing sandwich board signs for sale. We design and customise all signs as needed for our customers to help you grab people's attention as they pass your restaurant, cafe or store. These fixtures are a perfect way to create a cheap form of marketing for your business and showcase menus, political ads and more. These signs are perfect in heavy traffic footpath areas to attract both passing cars and people.

sandwich board signs for sale

What types of sandwich board signs for sale are there?We provide several types of sandwich board signs for sale including:

  • Metal A Frame signs, doubled sided for outdoor advertising. Easily insert an image of your business' logo or other branding information such as phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Plastic A Frame signs which are cheap and very durable. Perfect for any business type and you can easily place inserts, lettering or posters over the top for your advertising needs.
  • Write-on holders which are perfect for restaurants or cafes who want to advertise daily specials, best-buys or other menu items. Easy rub off and include daily info as needed.
Sandwich Board Signs for Sale

Why use sandwich board signs?

  • They are the best way to advertise to daily passersby
  • They are a simply way to show customers where your business if if they've never been there before.
  • They are highly customisable meaning you can change details on them to suit a daily special, open home or event occurring.

To order and get your customised sandwich board sign simply call us at 02 9708 2107.