Matt Laminated Business Cards

Matt Laminated Business Cards

Gain a touch of class with our amazing matt laminated business cards

Here at Freehand, we provide firms classy looking matt laminated business cards. These dark matt businesses cards help create a sophisticated high class feel about your business and sway new potential customers over, or at least leave them in no doubt that your business is high-end and cares about its image. Freehand's matt laminated business cards have a quality over traditional cards and we can help you stand out from your competition today.

matte laminated business cards

How much do your matt business cards cost?

Our classy business cards come at set prices per bulk order quality and are as follows:

  • Matt laminated business cards X 500 - $109.00
  • Matt laminated business cards X 1000 - $153.00

If you require more than 1000 cards, you can contact us using the phone number provided below and we will customise a quote for you.

matte laminated business cards

How does the process work & what do you need from me?

Its simple. You can send us an email of any pre-existing designs/logos/existing samples you already have and we will take and transform it into your own custom matt laminated business cards. You can buy your cards directly on our site by clicking here. Or alternatively give us a call if you want more info using the phone number below.

matte laminated business cards

What are some of the key features of your matt laminated business cards?

We provide fantastic standard features including:

  • Cards printed on smooth white 350gsm board
  • Full colour
  • Single sided / Two sided
  • Standard size (90mm x 55mm)
  • Matt laminate
matte laminated business cards

How long does it take to print? And are there any extras?

It takes 2-3 days to get your matt laminated business cards printed and ready for you. If you need to get rounded edges too you can do so for a small additional fee. Let us know via phone or email if you need this and we will quote you.


Freehand is one of Sydney's premium matt laminated business cards producers, creating amazing and high-class looking business cards for firms all around Sydney's west and beyond. We can transform your customer's first impressions with your firm through our gorgeous matte finish business cards. If you would like more information or a custom quote for a large order, contact us directly at 02 9708 2107 for more or you can email us by clicking below.