illuminated shop sign

illuminated shop sign for your business

Is your business missing an illuminated shop sign to attract new customers? 

Make a bright and lasting impression with passing and current customers with a high quality illuminated shop sign for your business. These high impact bright shop signs will grab the attention of passing customers, especially at night where you could be missing out key business who simply walk on by. Our design team will provide you the best coloured and bright LED illuminated shop sign on the market and help you grow your business.


How do i get an illuminated shop sign made?

Easy. Contact us using the button below or drop us a call and we will provide you all the details you need to get your sign made. We have a wide range of colour and design options to get your sign looking perfect.

illuminated shop sign

What are the benefits of an illuminated shop sign?

The attention grabbing brightness our illuminated shop sign will provide sets them apart from any regular outdoor signs many businesses have. Your business may not be seen or immediately stand out to passersby, especially at night for restaurants, shops, service businesses or bars. With an illuminated shop sign, you have the potential to pick up customers from a distance during night time who might have otherwise have not seen or noticed your business.

illuminated shop sign

What options and services are available?

We provide a wide range of options for your illuminated shop sign including:

  • 3D lettering and Vinyl print signage
  • Full colour
  • Highly weather resistant materials
  • Installation services
illuminated shop sign

Can I get a quote for my illuminated shop sign?

Of course. We provide FREE quotes for all illuminated shop signs. All you need to do us call us at 02 9708 2107 and we will provide you with all the extra information you need for how we quote. Costs may vary depending on the complexity and size of your sign.

An illuminated shop sign provide you with fantastic long-term means for exposing your business to hundreds of people each day who may pass it during the day and night. Freehand's amazing illuminated shop sign design will help you reach real new business who may otherwise have walked on past. To request a quote or get more information contact us at 02 9708 2107 or click below to send us an email and one of our representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.