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E-commerce sites are not just a website with products and price tags, it’s a automated process. From point of sale, via product introduction and sale closure, to payment processing and product delivery. An E-commerce website handles 80% of shop management, it replaces your cashier, handles your stock management, can issues invoices on a periodical basis, and helps you with regular administration. Our job is to understand your business well enough so we can Our E-commerce websites are robust, fully-functioning online store fronts, specifically designed for managing and selling online products/services, receiving donations or renewing paid subscriptions. We will advise you to follow the correct web development path based on your vision and train you on how to use the website, track orders and how to monitor sales.

What E-commerce platform?

Be it a donation option, or a large scale online store, you will need to look the prospect of getting a e-commerce platform solution.  The market is overflowed with E-commerce engines and internet payment options, paid or free, easy to scale or better for small operations. Magneto or Woocommerce are the 2 most common choices, and these 2 platforms share 40% of the e-commerce website market currently live, but thats far from the end of the list.

At Freehand we will consult and understand your business to find the best solution for your business and suitable for your budget.

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